Obama’s “mystery”

As a US citizen viewing the election from Korea (where I live and work), I can say that the whole thing is rather ridiculous as both candidates are doing more to drag each other into the dirt than to actually talk about their own campaigns.

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A Letter to Dad Concerning the 2008 Election


I really agree with your rant and rave, all the major points that you addressed, especially about the problems of the last 100 years and the decline in values in our country, and the fact that God ultimately establishes the rulers of the nations.  I think you really hit the nail square on the head.

One thing that I have noticed a lot abroad as I’ve been following this election is the fact that as you said at the beginning, we really are forced to “choose the lesser of two evils.”  It’s hard to watch from afar as our country tears itself apart over the election through divisive tactics and fear.  Both parties are to blame, both parties are using negative politics to try to tear down the other guy, and neither party is doing anything to unite the people in any way.  Therefore, regardless of who is elected, the new President will have some serious work ahead of him in order to unite the country again.

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