Obama’s “mystery”

As a US citizen viewing the election from Korea (where I live and work), I can say that the whole thing is rather ridiculous as both candidates are doing more to drag each other into the dirt than to actually talk about their own campaigns.

As far as the “mystery” of Obama is concerned, the man has authored 2 books (one a memoir of his background and raising into adulthood, “Dreams from my Father”, and one his political viewpoint, “The Audacity of Hope”). Additionally, the man has been campaigning for this election for the past 21 months, and he’s been known politically since 2004 when he gave his famous speech, “The Audacity of Hope” before John Kerry’s nomination that vaulted him onto the political scene.

I’m not saying that he is the best man for the job, but I am saying that the fear that the McCain campaign thrusts into the public eye in terms of his “mystery” and “terrorism” and “muslim-ness” is all just a bunch of rhetoric and fear-mongering. And how long have we known Sarah Palin? Before August 29, 2008 when John McCain announced her VP candidacy she was virtually unknown.

I’m not saying one is better than the other, I’m just saying, consider the truth of the situation rather than merely the media “spin.” Blame it on the liberal media if you want, but Obama’s 2 books have made it overseas to many countries, including Korea, and have been there for months. I think it’s a little ridiculous when international countries know more about the Presidential candidates in the US than American citizens even claim to.

After nearly 2 years of media scrutiny into every area of his life, his “Muslim” middle name, the Reverend Wright, William Ayers, and more, continuing to call Obama a “mystery” is like calling Lance Armstrong a “doping cheater” after winning 7 Tours in France and being the most drug-tested athlete in history.

Don’t vote for Obama if you choose not to. But do some investigation of your own and fact checking before believing everything you see on TV. Honestly, viewing things from abroad, the US media disappoints me as they are beginning to “spin” every story in one way or another. Think about China’s media that controls every story that makes its way to the ears of its citizens. We’re all worried about “socialist” ideas making their way into Washington, but it seems to me that “communist” ideas are already making their way into the media. That, or US citizens have just forgotten how to think for themselves.


2 Responses to “Obama’s “mystery””

  1. Bill Vorhees Says:

    So I’m wondering how your opinions of Obama have changed since 1) his first day of office was signing of the closure of all top secret prisons, 2) second of office was the signing of the bill to fund international abortions? With those bills and many more, he set the definitive tone for the rest of his term.

  2. jekkilekki Says:

    Honestly, my opinions of Obama haven’t changed that much, probably because I was unaware of the things you mentioned. Since the election, I haven’t really been keeping up with politics in America much (besides the fact that the US economy seems to be sinking in a boat with holes in it). I’m kind of just hoping he turns things around for the US economy and the thousands of people who have lost jobs and homes. I also hope he gets a bit stronger in the FTA with Korea as the US seems to be at quite a disadvantage with imports/exports of cars, phones, etc. Sometimes I think Obama still just has too much hype about him, whether good or bad. He’s not been in office long enough yet to really judge his Presidential legacy or the way his policies will change the face of the US. And, since I don’t actively keep up with politics in the US these days, my opinions probably won’t change much. I’ll just hope he does the job he’s supposed to, and doesn’t screw up too much.

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