My Gripe Against Internet Explorer

ie7What a lovely tool we have at our fingertips: the Internet.  It’s full of tons of useful information, interactivity, buying, selling, trading, free-lance business, banking, videos, games, music, and so much more. However, your online experience is only as good as the browser you use through which to do your “surfing” and there are indeed massive problems with Internet Explorer, especially versions 6 and below.

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Enabling “E-Learning” on the Avalon English Computer System

main_l1If you’re an English teacher working for Avalon English in Korea and you have to access their “E-Learning” system, chances are you’ve probably run into an error with downloading the necessary ActiveX and Installation files in order to grade students work.

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Changing OS Languages in Windows XP

This post is OLD (January 2009). Support for Windows XP ended in APRIL 2014. I no longer check Comments on this blog, but will leave this post up because it seems to have helped many people previously.

windows_xp_logo_2I recently needed to change languages in my Windows XP Operating System because I teach English in Korea, and all the computers in the office have Windows installed in Korean.  Though I’m learning the language, nothing beats being able to read about the computer problems and solve them on your own in your native language (mine = English).  Therefore, here are the steps, links, and images I used to successfully change my Windows XP from Korean to English.
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