Enabling “E-Learning” on the Avalon English Computer System

main_l1If you’re an English teacher working for Avalon English in Korea and you have to access their “E-Learning” system, chances are you’ve probably run into an error with downloading the necessary ActiveX and Installation files in order to grade students work.

Initially, my problem was that when I clicked on the “E-Learning” icon in the top, and tried to access my students’ work from the new page that was opened, Internet Explorer opened a new small window that said (in Korean) “Please wait 1-2 minutes while the program loads.”


Upon waiting for 4 or 5 or even 20 minutes, no program had loaded, and the computer screen seemed frozen.  The problem here lies in the default security settings of Internet Explorer with regards to ActiveX and can be easily fixed as demonstrated below.

On a side note, you may wish to visit my “Changing OS Languages in Windows XP” page in order to change your Operating System language to English (assuming you are teaching in Korea and using a Korean computer) to save yourself mutiple language related headaches in the future.  Changing your OS language this way will still leave certain necessary things in Korean, but will change the majority of menus and things to English.

Enabling E-Learning

1. Initial Problem

The initial problem with installing the E-Learning software is Internet Explorer’s default settings for ActiveX installation.  Internet Explorer defaults to BLOCK all ActiveX from unknown publishers, and in this case, Avalon happens to be one of those unknown publishers.  The following figure shows the message you will receive if you try to install the ActiveX without first changing IE’s default settings.


If you can’t read Korean, the line under the name “TeamLoadersPlusX2.cab” basically says that the publisher of this ActiveX software is unknown.  The line next to the Red “X” Shield says that something along the lines of “Because this publisher is unknown, Windows has blocked installation of this software.”  Click “OK” and continue.

2. Changing Internet Options

Now, you need to change your Internet Options, so go back to an open Internet Explorer page and click on “Tools” (도구(T)) and scroll down to “Internet Options” (인터넷 옵션 (O)…)


It will then open the Internet Options menu, and from there, you should click on the second tab “Security” (보안).


From there, you need to click on the “Custom Level…” (사용자 지정 수준 (C)…) button in order to open the window from which we need to change our ActiveX settings.  Doing so opens the following window.


From here, you need to scroll down the main window until you find the heading of “ActiveX controls and plug-ins” (ActiveX 컨트롤 및 플러그 인).


Everywhere under this heading where “Disable” (사용 안함) is selected needs to be changed to “Prompt” (확인).  Do so now.  After every instance of “Disable” is changed to “Prompt”, click “OK” or “Apply” on that window and all remaining windows to save your new ActiveX settings in Internet Explorer.

3. Try it Again

Now it’s time to try E-Learning again, so in order to properly apply the new settings to Internet Explorer, close all your IE windows and start the browser again.  Return to the Avalon Staff login page, login and go to your E-Learning area.  From here, again try to click on your students’ work, click to install the ActiveX and you should now get a window that looks like this:


Ahh, now that’s different!  This time, the window doesn’t block the software and prompt you to close it, but now it gives you the option to “Install” (설치).  Click to Install, and let the computer do the rest.

4. Congratulations!

Congratulations! You now have access to E-Learning and your students work in order to do your grading!  Not that more grading is anything to be super-excited about, but at least now you won’t have to worry about a headache when it comes to E-Learning.

If you didn’t get it to work, try to go back through all these steps once more to be sure you didn’t miss anything, or drop me a comment on here about what your remaining problem is, and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.  If you’re still having difficulties, I’d strongly recommend Changing Your Windows XP Language to English as that will allow you to read the error messages yourself and fix what you can on your own.

Good luck!


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