Getting Windows on my Mac

windows_xp_logo_2I recently endured a rather difficult experience: installing Windoze XP on my MacBook.  Because I’ve been getting busier with website design and coding as of late, I’ve also been struggling with how to test my CSS and XHTML code across mutliple browsers and operating systems.  I had Parallels Desktop installed on my MacBook, but had been noticing quite a performance decrease every time I opened my WinXP virtual disk (probably in part due to the fact that my computer is a few years old and has 1 GB of RAM which is the minimum memory requirement to run the software).

Parallels has a great concept (and with enough memory, great software) that allows users to run MacOSX and Windows literally side-by-side in the same window and allows nearly instant switching from one to the other.  I should be able to start up my MacBook into OSX and from there, boot into the Windows XP OS within a Mac window.  It worked for me for a while, but eventually, I got tired of waiting for Windows to boot up and run slowly (after I’d already been using the MacBook to full capacity with other programs).  Therefore, I thought it would be a good time to switch over to BootCamp.

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