The State of the Web in South Korea

As anyone who’s lived in Korea for even a short time is probably aware, this country is on the bleeding-edge of technology. They have cell phones, computers, LCD and HD TVs galore and as the video on this website mentions, Korea has become a virtual testbed for the newest and latest technologies. This article from the JoongAng Daily gives a few notable numbers:

Korea is one of the world’s most wired nations, with more than two-thirds of homes connected to high-speed Internet and more than nine out of 10 people owning a mobile phone.

However, for all its technological glitter, the state of South Korea’s Internet is anything but golden.

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Essential Windows XP Tools

windows_xp_logo_2Living in Korea and working with a lot of different people from different backgrounds and cultures gives me access to a lot of different things.  However, in all these differences, one of the biggest commonalities I’ve found is that most people run Windows XP on their computers and end up with the same set of problems and issues. Therefore, I present my list of the most essential and helpful tools for Windows XP.

**Note: This list is only the MOST essential tools I need (including Internet browsers, virus scanners, ad/spyware scanners, video codecs, and Windows updates). For a more complete list of ALL the software I like to use for Windows, click this link. Alternately, this site provides a solid list of other open-source Windows apps.

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The Evolution of my Personal Brand – Corporate ID or Personal Name

My new homepage is coded and up at Give it a look and let me know what you think.  So far, it hasn’t been “fixed” for Internet Explorer, so if you use IE for browsing, it won’t look good as all the parts will be out of position.

The Evolution of my Homepage

Recently, I’ve been doing a healthy bit of reading on There is a lot of good stuff there for designers and David specializes in Logo design and branding.  I was particularly interested in his post “The 30 month evolution of my online graphic design portfolio” as I’ve also been going through a bit of a similar evolution myself.  You can see my previous attempts at creating an online presence at the following locations:

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New Website Theme Design! Underwater

I recently posted a few images of the design I’ve been working on for my website.  The first that I posted had a “space” theme.  I was inspired the other day by the partial transpancy on the sidebars of those images to create an “underwater” scene.  I figured underwater would be another great place for partially transparent sidebars.  Check out the initial first image of the homepage.  I have yet to modify the logo, and add more interesting background elements (such as bubbles and fish) but I like the look of it so far and the color scheme.  My ultimate goal is to have a number of these “themes” and alternate style sheets that users will be able to flip through.  Enjoy!

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The BEST Mac and Windows Software

macandwindowsRecent events have prompted me to create a post that will have references and links to all the great software I use on Windows and Mac that I couldn’t live without (or at least that would make my life much harder without).  I’ve reinstalled MacOSX Leopard and Windows XP on my home computer, and at work I’ve had to change computers about two times in the last three months.  It’s started to become a headache to always Google search the software I use often just to re-find the download links to re-install it all.  Therefore, I figured if I gathered all the software download links into one location on my blog, it would be a virtual “one-stop-shopping” center for all my software needs.

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New Website! Online Portfolio and Work

aaron1Check it out.  I’ve been drawing on this site for about 2 weeks now, and I’m finally (almost) satisfied with the look and feel of my *NEW* portfolio/blog/contact site.

I really liked the purple color I’m currently using on this blog, so I wanted to incorporate that.  I also liked the text style here, Verdana and a little extra line spacing.  I also wanted to match a cool color (purple here) with a warm color for links and highlights, so I chose red-orange (#ff6600) after quite a bit of thinking.  The starry sky background was inspired by my name/logo/signature which kind of resembles a star.  And finally, I wanted to keep things in the center rather simple with big heading fonts, lots of white color (so no differently colored sidebar), and gray boxes for the “important” content.  I think this gives it a rather nice, professional, Web 2.0 feel.  What do you think?  I also included some “dummy” purple squares just under the menubar that will contain different images and link to different CSS styles (at some point in the future).

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