New Website! Online Portfolio and Work

aaron1Check it out.  I’ve been drawing on this site for about 2 weeks now, and I’m finally (almost) satisfied with the look and feel of my *NEW* portfolio/blog/contact site.

I really liked the purple color I’m currently using on this blog, so I wanted to incorporate that.  I also liked the text style here, Verdana and a little extra line spacing.  I also wanted to match a cool color (purple here) with a warm color for links and highlights, so I chose red-orange (#ff6600) after quite a bit of thinking.  The starry sky background was inspired by my name/logo/signature which kind of resembles a star.  And finally, I wanted to keep things in the center rather simple with big heading fonts, lots of white color (so no differently colored sidebar), and gray boxes for the “important” content.  I think this gives it a rather nice, professional, Web 2.0 feel.  What do you think?  I also included some “dummy” purple squares just under the menubar that will contain different images and link to different CSS styles (at some point in the future).

Here’s the first shot of the homepage:


I wanted the homepage to include contact links for me on the various social networks, as well as a small “Showcase” for a few of my most recent works.  I wanted to include text for the latest blog entries and Twitter entries as well, and in the upper right corner there are two small gray lines in a kind of triangle shape where I want to add a little pop-up box for me, for extra functionality (probably put in an exchange rate link so I can keep track of the Korean Won to US Dollar).

Here’s the next shot of a single page from my portfolio:


A single portfolio page will give a brief testimonial from my client, show the work, link to a live version of the site, and give extensive details about the work.  I will also provide a longer testimonial and a link to a “case study” of the work possibly on the blog site.

Here’s my contact page:


The contact page will include all my details and look a lot like a business/contact card.


I’ve also got a few more pages I’m working on, but I’m currently satisfied to the point that I’d like to begin coding it tomorrow morning.  Hopefully it will only take a week or two to code the whole thing in CSS and XHTML and then another week or two of cross browser checking.  Once all of that is finished, I’m going to look into combining this current blog with that style and code, and drop the whole thing into a Joomla or Drupal CMS system.  I’ve not yet decided on which one.  I’m open to other CMS ideas as well (at some point I may try to customize or build my own, depending on the amount of work required -> I need to learn more SQL and PHP anyway).  What do you think?  What’s the best CMS?

I also have another site I manage for a church that could use a new CMS as well.  Currently I use WordPress there for the blog, but the other pages are pretty static (except the homepage).  I think the whole site would benefit with a new CMS, so I’ll be looking into doing a slight “overhaul” on that one as time allows.  Stay tuned!~

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