6 Responses to “The Best Korean Bank Account You Don’t Have”

  1. Matt Sullivan Says:

    Hello. Great advice. I was wondering if you incurred a fee for each transfer, and if so, what was it? Thanks,


    • jekkilekki Says:

      I’m not sure about the fee right off hand. If there is one, it is probably the same fee that you would get charged for a wire transfer if you went to the bank and did everything by hand with a teller.

      (Or it might be the same as an ATM fee when transferring in Korea – like I said, I’m not really sure, I don’t usually watch for that – I just love the convenience of transferring money with no hassle).

      • Joel Says:

        The fees for sending money via KEB’s Easy One remittances are 30% of the basic over-the-counter remittance amount — I’ve discounted them for you after the >>

        Remittance equivalent to
        OTC EASY ONE
        $500 or less —- KRW 5,000 >>> 3,500
        $2,000 or less —- KRW 10,000 >> 7,000
        $5,000 or less —- KRW 15,000 >> 10,500
        $20,000 or less —- KRW 20,000 >> 14,000
        Over $20,000 —- KRW 25,000 >> 17,500

        There is also a flat Telegram charge of KRW 8,000.(no discount)

        So if you’re sending 5 million won (less than $5,000) — you’ll pay some 18,500 in fees to KEB, plus you may have to pay additional fees to your home bank (as well as possibly to an intermediary bank)
        Well for that price, you can’t beat the convenience! The price of two tickets to a movie!

  2. tysontravels Says:

    Thanks for the advice.

  3. Arun Says:

    I like it.Thanks for ur wonderful suggestion.I m also thinking to open an bank account in KEB, easy one,Finally, reading above suggestion.I m going to open an bank account soon,Thanks once again.I heard kookmin bank is also doing like this.ANyone has an advice for kookmin bank ?

  4. Post Office Bank Account Says:

    Very good post, i’m currently in the process of considering a basic bank account to save pennies on my existing paid curent account.
    Any way I can save money with Christmas around the corner will be a major help!

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