Laptop Hard Drive Problem? Clone It!

sata-ide-laptop-hard-driveComing to Korea is a wearing experience, even for computers, especially if they aren’t handled well on the journey over (thanks airport security for cracking my friend’s screen). If you’ve been having trouble with your computer -> slow down, freezing, crashing, over-heating, or only turning on sporadically,  it would probably be a good idea to either (A) upgrade the whole computer or (B) switch out the hard drive. Most people would probably prefer to not shuck out the bucks for a new computer, so with this post I’ll deal with cloning and switching out an old hard drive.

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My “Lack-of-Ownership” of Korea

koreausLiving in a foreign country definitely has it’s ups and downs. Of course every country has its share of frustrations and  difficulties, blessings and good points. But, by being a foreigner in a foreign land, it can often be much easier to complain openly and “blame” that land (in my case Korea) for its differences. We (expats) can easily begin to fall into an “us vs. them” mindset, especially in Korea where everyone who is not Korean is labeled a “Wei-guk-in (foreigner).”

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And Here I Thought IE 6 was Broken

badge_saveie6Internet Explorer 6 has given me a good share of headaches over these past few months. Every time I make a website, I have a process: from design, to code, and finally to fixing my code (particularly for IE). Wouldn’t it be great if just for once the code I wrote really worked everywhere it was supposed to? Wouldn’t it be great if the site I create and use in Firefox (with such wonderful tools as Firebug to help out) was the same site that all my friends could see, on the first try? Sometimes I can spend weeks trying to figure out one small, seemingly insignificant, yet incredibly frustrating problem.

But then there are times when Internet Explorer 6 just surprises the pants off of me with it’s wonderful ingenuity!

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