And Here I Thought IE 6 was Broken

badge_saveie6Internet Explorer 6 has given me a good share of headaches over these past few months. Every time I make a website, I have a process: from design, to code, and finally to fixing my code (particularly for IE). Wouldn’t it be great if just for once the code I wrote really worked everywhere it was supposed to? Wouldn’t it be great if the site I create and use in Firefox (with such wonderful tools as Firebug to help out) was the same site that all my friends could see, on the first try? Sometimes I can spend weeks trying to figure out one small, seemingly insignificant, yet incredibly frustrating problem.

But then there are times when Internet Explorer 6 just surprises the pants off of me with it’s wonderful ingenuity!

Recently, I’ve been working on a church website for a church here in Jeonju, Korea. I created the design in Photoshop and then set about slicing, dicing, and coding it. I prefer to do my initial coding, debugging, and testing in Firefox and I use the handy tool Firebug to help me out if I need some very specific CSS classes. Coding the website XHTML and CSS was relatively quick, and here is the result when viewed in Firefox:


I love the multi-colored menu bar there as it mimics the very bright Korean colors that surround us here.  I thought that I needed a special way to highlight the menu as it was moused-over (:hover) so I started thinking about ways to make the menu images “pop.”

I happened to stumble across a site that mentioned something about a creative combination of borders around menu images to give the illusion of depth. So I tried to do just that by adding different sized and colored borders around the menu images. So, the menu doesn’t actually move or “pop” at all, but the borders act as “shadows” and make it seem like they “pop.” Slick!

This afternoon I opened up good ‘ole IE to investigate the damage and number of fixes I’d have to attend to, and this is what IE gave me:


Woah! Talk about a “popping” menu image! Looks like IE made a mistake with the :hover property and shoved the image over to the right a bit, but that makes the menu pop much more than JUST the borders I was using. Now it has borders and a little psuedo-popping action and it makes the menu (and therefore overall site) feel more dynamic. I’ll implement this neat little feature into the Firefox version now!

thumbsupThanks Internet Explorer!

Granted, the rest of the site in IE looks pretty shoddy. But for one brief moment in this web developer’s life, IE regained a shade of it’s former glory…Sigh…

Any more IE “Eureka-moments”?

What do you think?  Have you ever experienced an IE “Eureka-moment” similar to the one I mentioned? Does Internet Explorer have a chance to redeem itself?

badge_saveie6These guys seem to think IE never lost itself or it’s charm. They say “how can IE6 be violating standards when it has essentially BEEN the standard for years?” What do you think?

One Response to “And Here I Thought IE 6 was Broken”

  1. Mesanna Says:

    No No No!! Bury this awful browser the sooner the better! IE6 is horrible.

    No matter what anyone says, the W3C lay down the standards. Do you want a free internet, with standards laid down by an independent body who’s main goal is to provide access to every human being regardless of nationality or (dis)ability, or would you prefer an internet run to benefit a corporation’s shareholders.

    When MS won the browser wars and had about 95% market share, they just sat back and stopped developing and IE just stagnated. Eventually Firefox came along with a load of new features, and slowly but surely began eating into IE’s share. Only then did MS sit up and take notice and finally start to implement some new features into IE7. If there had been no Firefox, we’d still be without tabs, extensions and the better security you get from using a browser which isn’t part of your operating system.

    My only eureka moments with IE6 are when I’ve finally got the f@?#ing thing to display the way every decent browser already does!!

    I really hate IE6

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