Coming to Korea? Here’s a Quick Guide to Customs Declaration and Phone Rentals

My parents are coming to Korea to see their first grandbaby, so I found out some great stuff about the airport, and renting phones.

First, about customs, and what to declare – it’s all in the Airport Guide here – you should print it and familiarize yourselves with it I guess – then you’ll have less to worry about.
I got it from the airport website:

What needs to be declared?

  • Goods exceeding Exemption allowances (US$400, 1 bottle of alcohol (1L), 200 cigarettes, 60ml of perfume)
  • Narcotics and psychotropic substances including meth, heroin, cocaine, etc.
  • Currency or monetary instruments exceeding US$10,000 (also must be declared at departure)
  • Published goods such as books, DVDs, and CDs that may harm public safety or indecent and obscene materials
  • Commercial goods
  • Endangered animals or plants including live animals, birds and plants, or goods made from them
  • Counterfeit, pirated, and patent-infringing goods
  • Animals or agricultural products such as fruit, plant and meat products
  • Weapons such as firearms, swords and crossbows, ammunitions, explosives or toxic or radioactive materials
(It’s all on pages 14/15 of the Guide)

More from the Guide 

Arrival procedures are on pages 6/7 of the Guide.
Arrival maps are on pages 10/11.
Immigration is 16/17.
Passengers Quarantine 18/19.
Ground Transportation 24/25 (If not going to Seoul, you can see where you should go – “Other Province Bus” the purple are in the upper-right corner – gates 9C, 9D, 10C – my parents’ bus will come to 9C and will say “전주” on the top and side windows. You can exit the airport from exits 8 or 9, I think the bus ticketing place is between exits 8 and 9 (at the bottom of the image, near “D”). Also, there should be phone rental places between exits 9 and 10, or 10 and 11. So, maybe you should get the phone first, and then the bus tickets – bus departs every 30 minutes or so, and depending on the time, you might be able to get on within 10-15 minutes after purchasing the ticket. But don’t rush it, I think the last bus of the night departs around 10:30 or later).

Phone info

S Roaming ( should be located between gates 10 and 11.
SK Telecom is located between gates 9 and 10.
KTF Global Roaming Center is located between gates 10 and 11.
It looks like all of them have 24 hour service.
This site will let you reserve your phone before you go:
Choose from any of the three. (My service at home is KTF, though we previously had SK – both are fine, major companies with tons of service. S Roaming was previously Skype Roaming, so it should also be fine.)
S Roaming Reservation Page:
KTF Reservation Page:
SK Reservation Page:
(and it looks like they have a “special gift” – a “lucky 2-dollar bill” + 50% off the daily rental fee – only for the month of May – if you reserve with them through the VisitKorea site:

More Resources

Here is another good site about the airport: (shows maps and photos of all the booths in the airport)

And these sites are where I got my info above:
And this is a shorter airport guide:
And this is the site to download the full airport guide (but I’ve already included it at the top here):

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