I’m an English teacher in Korea.

I live in Jeonju and teach middle school students subjects like debate, presentation, current issues, and TOEFL writing and speaking.  One of my passions that I’ve not yet been able to teach is drama, but I’ve made a number of videos and acted in skits for my church in Jeonju.  I’ve been here for almost 3 years, and will sign a new year contract soon.

I’m a website designer, developer, and Webmaster.

I’ve been Webmaster for a number of different Christian organization websites since 2002.  I developed a site for InterVarsity Christian Fellowship (IVCF) at the University of Wyoming in the US from 2002-2005 using FrontPage.  I created and played around with a number of different software and blogging sites (, GooglePages, iWeb, WordPress, Nvu, and a text editor) for the next few years.  And from early 2008 to the present, I’ve been Webmaster for Antioch International Christian Fellowship (a church in Jeonju).  Recently, I’ve been designing pages on using Photoshop, and the GIMP, and programming them “by hand” in CSS and XHTML.

I’m a Christian and actively involved in my (Presbyterian) church in Jeonju.

I play djembe in the worship band every Sunday morning.  I serve with others from the church at two Korean orphanages 2 times per month where we teach English Bible stories, and play games.  I worked for a while on the Missions team to prepare prayer lists for countries around the world, and I helped organize and plan a biweekly men’s breakfast Bible study.  I’m also the current Webmaster of the AICF homepage where I take care of things such as web updates, coding, and Podcasts, and I also do graphic design work as needed for the church: business cards, books covers, flyers, and so on.

I’m an athlete.

I recently passed the black belt test in TaeKwonDo in Korea after one year of study.  I’ve always been athletically-inclined, and ran track and cross-country in high school, and played lots of Ultimate Frisbee in college.  I ride my bike, run, or walk 5km (3.1 miles) every day to and from work.  I hope to be able to participate in a marathon or triathlon sometime soon in Korea.  I love mountain climbing and have climbed the tallest mountains in both South Korea and Japan (Mt. Halla in Korea, and Mt. Fuji in Japan).

I’m a traveler.

I’ve traveled to Japan, China, Korea, Hong Kong, and Mexico, and have lived in Japan (3 months), China (2 months), and Korea (3 years).  I enjoy planning trips to new destinations and challenging myself to learn the language (as much as I can), the culture, and find my way around the new cities.

I’m a study-aholic.

My passions for study include web development and accessibility, business and entreprenuership, money management and investment, men’s health and nutrition, human psychology, other languages (Chinese 3 years, Japanese 4 months, Korean 2 years), and religious studies.  At any given time I probably have at least 2 books I’m reading and 12 I want to be reading.

I’m a creative-genius (well, perhaps not genius).

I’ve made my own movies, written and recorded my own songs (need to be rerecorded), written stories and poems, drawn and painted my own posters (since I was 15), created my own furniture (even using cardboard and wood-grain tape paper), developed software (majored in Computer Science in university -> coded calculators, dictionaries, and a map viewer as part of a team that is very similar to an early version of Google Earth), designed desktop wallpapers, Christmas cards, and websites, and coded websites by hand.

The Future:

In the future I hope to work either in a company in Korea for web development (one such as this company), or be self-employed in my own web development company.  As much as I like teaching English now, I know I won’t like it for the rest of my life, and when thinking about starting a family, I think I need to find something that will provide a little more financially.

I’d played around with the idea of returning to grad school for further study in Web Design, partially because it would help me with web development in the future and partially because if nothing else, a Master’s degree of any kind and a little classroom teaching experience would help me nail down a university English teaching job in Korea.

I also hope to continue to travel, climb mountains (rocky ones and life mountains), and create things.  I’ve always felt a part of me lacking if I wasn’t actively involved in some sort of creative endeavor.

From a guy who once hated planning and thinking ahead, and only slid by in school, I’ve come full circle to a man who enjoys planning ahead (often to great lengths), and strives to work hard and achieve big things.  I guess I never really felt challenged before, or maybe I never challenged myself enough.  Coming to Korea was one of the best (and most challenging) things I’ve ever done as it’s helped me to see beyond my “now” into what I want to be.  As one of my favorite quotes declares: “A man’s reach must exceed his grasp” (Robert Browning), so at last I’m stretching my arm out to the heavens.

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  1. sophie Says:

    ^^ U rock, Aaron!

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