The Evolution of my Personal Brand – Corporate ID or Personal Name

My new homepage is coded and up at Give it a look and let me know what you think.  So far, it hasn’t been “fixed” for Internet Explorer, so if you use IE for browsing, it won’t look good as all the parts will be out of position.

The Evolution of my Homepage

Recently, I’ve been doing a healthy bit of reading on There is a lot of good stuff there for designers and David specializes in Logo design and branding.  I was particularly interested in his post “The 30 month evolution of my online graphic design portfolio” as I’ve also been going through a bit of a similar evolution myself.  You can see my previous attempts at creating an online presence at the following locations:

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New Website Theme Design! Underwater

I recently posted a few images of the design I’ve been working on for my website.  The first that I posted had a “space” theme.  I was inspired the other day by the partial transpancy on the sidebars of those images to create an “underwater” scene.  I figured underwater would be another great place for partially transparent sidebars.  Check out the initial first image of the homepage.  I have yet to modify the logo, and add more interesting background elements (such as bubbles and fish) but I like the look of it so far and the color scheme.  My ultimate goal is to have a number of these “themes” and alternate style sheets that users will be able to flip through.  Enjoy!

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New Website! Online Portfolio and Work

aaron1Check it out.  I’ve been drawing on this site for about 2 weeks now, and I’m finally (almost) satisfied with the look and feel of my *NEW* portfolio/blog/contact site.

I really liked the purple color I’m currently using on this blog, so I wanted to incorporate that.  I also liked the text style here, Verdana and a little extra line spacing.  I also wanted to match a cool color (purple here) with a warm color for links and highlights, so I chose red-orange (#ff6600) after quite a bit of thinking.  The starry sky background was inspired by my name/logo/signature which kind of resembles a star.  And finally, I wanted to keep things in the center rather simple with big heading fonts, lots of white color (so no differently colored sidebar), and gray boxes for the “important” content.  I think this gives it a rather nice, professional, Web 2.0 feel.  What do you think?  I also included some “dummy” purple squares just under the menubar that will contain different images and link to different CSS styles (at some point in the future).

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The Beginnings of my Journey into Web Development

JekkilekkiI just posted a page that will show off my web development skill set, and help me to remember my goals as far as self-study and further development goes.  But, since everything I typed today sounded more like a trip down web-devleopmemory-lane than a real “skill set” I thought I’d post my journey here as well (so that I can edit that page at a later date).


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Tools for Cross-Browser CSS Checking (A Follow-up to My IE Gripe)

ie7Since posting my Gripe Against Internet Explorer, I’ve had a little time to be better able to come to grips with the difficulties, challenges, and (dare I say?) adventure involved in programming websites to be viewable by the majority of the population.  In my last post I found that nearly 70% of the Internet browsing marketshare is owned by Internet Explorer, and since none of the IEs supports Cascading Style Sheets in the same ways, I was forced to learn how to tell each version of IE to read and display my code as it was intended.

Interestingly enough, as minor code changes were making massive differences in the display of IE6 and IE7, the other browsers I worked with (Opera 8, 9 , Firefox 3, Google Chrome, Safari 3, Camino 1) were not affected by my code changes at all, and continued to consistently display the page I wanted.

During my time of “learning the ropes” of IE programming, I ran across a number of very useful tools on the Internet that aid in the development of websites, especially cross-browser IE compatibility checking.  Here, I’ll present the tools I’ve found, a look at my current “under-development” website in a number of browsers, and a few links to some more IE CSS bugs that I’ve found helpful.

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