Different Input and OS languages on your Mac


Wow. As opposed to Windows XP, Macintosh continues to be a breeze as far as usability is concerned. Recently, a few friends asked me how to enable Korean keyboard input on their new Macs (I helped convince one friend to buy his). Since I’ve done this a number of times (and had a number of requests for help), I decided to make a blog post about it.

From what I remembered, Mac OSX comes installed with most every language by default, and adding language input or even switching OS languages is as simple as a few button clicks. In fact, there is a trick necessary if you only want a mono-lingual install of OSX in order to save some hard drive space (as opposed to WinXP’s default mono-lingual install that requires a different trick to change languages). However, it wasn’t until I went back in to my own system to check things out that I realized exactly how simple working with different languages is. Below are step-by-step instructions for how to enable different language input, and how to change OS languages completely.

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Essential Windows XP Tools

windows_xp_logo_2Living in Korea and working with a lot of different people from different backgrounds and cultures gives me access to a lot of different things.  However, in all these differences, one of the biggest commonalities I’ve found is that most people run Windows XP on their computers and end up with the same set of problems and issues. Therefore, I present my list of the most essential and helpful tools for Windows XP.

**Note: This list is only the MOST essential tools I need (including Internet browsers, virus scanners, ad/spyware scanners, video codecs, and Windows updates). For a more complete list of ALL the software I like to use for Windows, click this link. Alternately, this site provides a solid list of other open-source Windows apps.

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